Offering better 
IT service control, 
visibility and quality

Lokomo Systems offers unique software solutions
that gives Service Managers and IT Managers control 
over IT services operations. 

Lokomo Servicenter increases the efficiency of service delivery and release management activities. By using Lokomo Servicenter, IT-departments are able to reach up to 80% cost and time savings in the operation and management of their services.

Lokomo Servicenter is designed to operate in any server-based environment, independently of architecture, brand or OS-types. It can make use of existing systems and it is adaptable to the work processes of each organization.

Lokomo OneCMDB is an Open Source Configuration Management Database aimed at small and medium sized businesses. OneCMDB can keep track of software and hardware assets and their relations. Thanks to its open API:s it is a powerful Configuration Management engine for other Service Management software.


Latest News

Improved OneCMDB available.

OneCMDB Version 2 released.

OneCMDB V1.4 with new GUI released.

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