The Challenges of today's IT departments

Lokomo Systems offers a unique software suite that gives Service Managers and IT Managers control over the operation of server-based services. The solution can be installed in an existing data center environment to vastly increase the efficiency of service delivery and release management activities.

The Lokomo solution enables time and cost savings in the range of 80-90%. This is a result from structured processes, streamlined workflow, reduced manual labor and eliminated firefighting. Lokomo Servicenter is an important tool for all server-based data centers whether it operates as an internal or external sourcing partner to its clients.

Managing IT services is not easy and it is getting worse. Services used to be produced in monolithic data center environments but nowadays Service Managers and IT Managers must cope with numerous of fast-changing, complex and multi-tiered services. These operate on a heterogeneous and rich data center environment with numerous of servers, routers, load balancers, firewalls, storage devices etc. The result is lack of visibility and limited control, which in turn makes it difficult to measure and manage Service Levels and Operational Level Agreements (SLA/OLA). This complexity complicates calculation of cost and capacity per service, which is crucial input for profitability and utilization measurements. Other unwanted effects are longer and longer time-to-market and ever increasing costs.

Lokomo Servicenter addresses the key issues of service management: Maintaining visibility, control and quality throughout the whole service life cycle. Lokomo Servicenter makes this possible by providing service-centricity, process support and automation.

  •  Service-centricity means that the Lokomo solution is structured around the service rather than the underlying equipment. Every single action is taken with a service perspective in mind. Even the smallest change often has a cascading effect on numerous of components in the data center. Lokomo Servicenter has a unique design to handle such complexity. Information is collected, organized and aggregated per service in order to facilitate decision-making. For instance it is possible to view the accumulated cost level of each service and see capacity-related data per service, rather than per server. Increased resource utilization and efficient SLA/OLA-monitoring are examples of easily achieved benefits from this approach. Through service-centricity Servicenter provides a high degree of visibility, which is otherwise very difficult to achieve in a complex production environment.

  •  The process support in Lokomo Servicenter provides a way to organize all release management and service delivery activities. All personnel involved get assistance on what to do and when. This ensures that information flow is streamlined and mistakes are avoided, increasing service quality. Roles can be assigned to different persons or groups of persons and the roles can be mapped to certain functions and privileges. Hence, the workflow support can be adapted to each organization and business.

  •  Automation is provided for deployment, operation, optimization and withdrawal tasks. Lokomo Servicenter automates tasks, monitors their execution and provides central control. This is done in an automation framework that ensures that tasks are carried out correctly in each context. Manual work can be minimized, resulting in shorter lead-time and higher quality.

Service Managers, IT Managers and other decision makers get increased control over cost and quality with Lokomo Servicenter. In addition they are provided with efficient tools to calculate various financial and capacity aspects, such as the deployment cost for a complete service or the cost to increase performance for a given service. Other users that benefit from Lokomo Servicenter are application developers, installation personnel and operational staff when they perform change and release management work triggered by service management.



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