Lokomo CDS

Lokomo Systems comprehensive product suite for Internet content distribution automates and supports the creation, management and delivery of Web sites including automated support for the creation of replicated edge servers.

The system can manage distribution of complex sites and dynamic content in a heterogeneous environment. A variety of system hardware and operating systems, network protocols, web server types and versions can be managed. This allows a Content Provider to focus on developing, maintaining and testing only one single version of his site while providing local access in a number of edge networks managed by different Internet Service Providers. The system also provides enhanced content security as it includes ways to control and limit content access.

The product suite contains the following products:

Each Internet site that is distributed through the system is packaged into a Channel. The Channel concept is central to the Lokomo solution and a Channel is created for each individual site. A Channel consists of all the site's content and an explicit description of the behaviour of the site. The format for the description is an XML/RDF scheme. All Channels are published to one or several Lokomo Distribution Servers. From the distribution nodes the Channels are forwarded to a number of Channel Servers at the edge of the Internet. Deployment of Channel Servers can be done to achieve load balancing as well as redundancy. End-users who access an Internet site managed by the Lokomo system are automatically directed to the closest Channel Server without noticing it. This is achieved through the common DNS resolution system on the Internet. Since end-users are always accessing a service from an edge server in his/hers vicinity page response time and latency is minimised.


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