The Distribution Server

All channels that are created with the Channel Creator are published to one or several distribution nodes in the system. Each distribution node is based on the Lokomo Distribution Server. This server maintains copies of all channels and delivers the channels to all edge servers (Channel Servers) in the system where they are installed and deployed. The Distribution Server updates the Channel Servers with new channels as they are created, withdraws channels that shall be inhibited and updates active, live channels with new content. Updating of channels is done on demand, event driven or with a frequency that can be pre-defined individually for each channel.

The Distribution Server acts as a central backup unit for all software components and data in the system. A Channel Server that needs to be restored after a system crash can be loaded with the right software components and channel data from the Distribution Server. The Distribution Servers can constantly maintain all other software components in the Lokomo system updated with new software releases. New versions and releases are delivered using the same distribution mechanism as for the channels. This makes the Lokomo system very easy to maintain and operate


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