Lokomo Servicenter

Components of the Lokomo Servicenter

Lokomo Servicenter Components

Process Manager

The heart of the Lokomo Servicenter is the Process Manager. This software component is in charge of processing Service Descriptions, maintaining workflow and controlling the execution of automated tasks.


Lokomo Servicenter uses software Agents to control and perform automated tasks. Agents are slim software components installed on the servers in the test and production environment. They fulfill several functions, like:

  • Task execution and status report.
    The Process Manager sends tasks to an Agent. Examples of tasks are installing and configuring software components or gathering usage information. Once a task is complete, the Agent sends back a status report.

  • Managing and controlling network and storage components.
    These Agents are installed on some of the servers in the environment but are remotely performing task execution and audit on the network and storage components.

  • Hardware/software audit and server management.
    The Agent reports to the Process Manager all changes applied to the server it is monitoring, which ensures that the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is up to date. In addition to typical SNMP-related things like disk space and TCP/IP ports in use, it can also be service specific information.

Definitive Software Library

The Definitive Software Library, DSL, is a repository of definitive versions of all software packages used by a service. Master copies of the Service Descriptions are also stored in the DSL. This storage area may in reality consist of several, physically distributed, file stores. The DSL is coupled to the Process Manager to control user access and privileges.

Configuration Management Database

Lokomo Servicenter includes a Configuration Management Database, CMDB, as a source of information about the production environment(s). Lokomo Servicenter uses the Agents to perform an inventory of all the servers installed in the environment and the CMDB is then populated and maintained automatically in real-time. Lokomo Servicenter has an API to interface with existing, legacy CMDB(s) in the data center.

Distribution System

Lokomo Servicenter has a powerful, scalable and secure distribution system capable of handling LAN, MAN and WAN environments. The distribution system is used for sending all necessary software packages and Service Descriptions to all servers involved in providing the service. Lokomo Servicenter can also invoke an existing application deployment system to move files to the target machines.

Service Constructor

Lokomo Servicenter provides a tool for creating service descriptions, see Lokomo Servicenter Information Structure.


Lokomo Servicenter is built with security in focus. All communication between the Process Manager and the Agents are encrypted using SSL, relying of client and server authentication using individual certificates. This ensures that Agents only receive commands and binary packages from authorized Process Managers. Moreover, all automated tasks are signed. This means that the Agents only execute approved tasks. No unknown task will ever be executed by the Agents.

The distribution system provided by Lokomo Servicenter also uses certificates to encrypt and authenticate all communication.

Finally, all Lokomo Servicenter users are authenticated and assigned roles and varying privileges. The Process Manager makes sure each user only view and act on information he or she is allowed to manage.


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