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Organizing Service Management Information

Lokomo Servicenter features a unique way to organize information about a service in order to realize service-centricity in management. The information is divided into three main categories: service, environment, and process information. 

Service information

The Service Description is a unique XML-based description that encapsulates expert knowledge about a service. The Service Description contains all service-specific information necessary during deployment, operation, optimization and withdrawal of the service, which for instance includes the following:

  • A description of the service’s components

  • The dependencies between the components

  • Monitoring metrics and events

  • Service Level Agreement targets

  • Operational tasks, like installation, start, stop, patch rollout

  • Test tasks for e.g. security, performance, capacity and availability

The Service Description is specified during development and is used during operation. As most expert knowledge is present in the Service Description, no expert is required for day-to-day service operation!

Service developers and architects create the Service Description. The amount of work required is comparable with what is spent on creating traditional paper manuals, but the usefulness of the Service Description is superior as it is machine-readable. It forces service developers and architects to take a service perspective, i.e. to take scalability, availability, performance, etc into account. Developers get support to incorporate and test operational aspects.

The Service Description ensures that a service will perform as intended in the production environment. It also increases quality and decreases lead-time. Lokomo Servicenter provides a tool, the Service Constructor, to help produce and test Service Descriptions.

Environment information

This information relates to the environment the service is deployed in. It contains information about what type of equipment is used, environment architecture, software versions, various cost parameters, equipment specific scripts, etc. This information is either extracted from existing Configuration Management Systems and Inventory Systems or collected by Lokomo Servicenter.

Process information

Process information is unique to each IT department and data center. It relates to how each organization structures work processes (work flow, responsibilities, privileges, specific manuals, etc.).

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