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Enhance control, visibility and quality of your IT services!

Lokomo Servicenter is a productivity tool designed to operate in any server-based environment, independent of architecture, brand and OS-types. It is capable of making use of existing systems (Configuration Management Databases, Inventory Systems, etc.) and it is adaptable to the work processes of each organization.

By using Lokomo Servicenter, a data center is able to reach unprecedented cost and time saving in the operation and management of services. This is equally valid for internal IT-departments as for organizations offering services to external customers.

Lokomo Servicenter is the focal point for all service managment aspects. So, in general, the categories of personnel that interact with Lokomo Servicenter are installation personnel, operation personnel, service managers, and application developers.

Lokomo Servicenter organizes
and facilitates work for many categories of staff



Lokomo Servicenter is built on three cornerstones: Service-centricity, process support and automation.


Service-centricity gives operational staff the possibility to interact with the production environment with a service perspective in two ways:

  1. Aggregation
    Status reports and information about the effect of changes in the production environment are aggregated and presented with a service perspective. For instance, it is possible to preview the impact of a service capacity update and estimate the actual cost of the action before it is performed. This is very useful as it is often difficult to conclude how errors or changes in the production environment will impact a specific service.

  2. Propagation
    Each action initiated for a given service is decomposed into multiple sub-actions targeted at the software components that build up the service. Each such sub-action is executed in a pre-defined order and takes relations and dependencies to the production environment into account. Even the smallest change often has a cascading effect on numerous of components in the data center. Realizing the service capacity update described above, by introducing an extra server means that numerous of applications on other servers must be reconfigured along with load balancers and storage components.

A graphical user interface in Lokomo Servicenter shows all reports in a user-friendly way and information is available at an eye glimpse. Service visibility has never been so clear. The same user interface allows operational personnel to initiate actions on the services. With a simple mouse click it is now possible to increase capacity on the fly or apply the latest software patch.

An example of Servicentric view

Process support

Many efforts to rationalize data center work have been initiated within the IT industry. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL, is one of them. ITIL is gaining momentum as a standard model for IT service management processes. Lokomo Servicenter offers support for processes defined by ITIL, such as for Release Management and Service Delivery.

Positioning Lokomo Servicenter with ITIL processes

Release Management

Lokomo Servicenter takes care of release planning, validation, execution and rollback for test and production environments.

Roles are assigned to different persons or groups of persons and are mapped to functions and privileges. All personnel involved get assistance on what to do, how to do it (via tailor-made manuals) and when to do it (via a notification service). This ensures that information flow is streamlined and that mistakes are avoided, increasing efficiency and service quality.

Once an action is completed, Lokomo Servicenter compiles an action report and notifies the person responsible. If the action was successful and validated, the next action can then begin. Of course, the Configuration Management database, CMDB, is instantly updated as soon as changes occur.

Similarly, during service operation and optimization, Lokomo Servicenter organizes a teamís work to perform patch rollouts or capacity and availability updates.

Service Delivery

Lokomo Servicenter supports the Service Delivery processes by providing meaningful and up-to-date information about the services.

Lokomo Servicenter aggregates information from various sources (CMDB, inventory systems, Network & System management systems, etc.) and compiles a number of task specific reports. Using Lokomo Servicenter, Service Managers are in control and can check status, production cost, fetch data to calculate business offers, give permissions for operational changes, release of new versions, etc.

Examples of reports are:

  • Calculation of cost-by-service

  • Estimation of cost of change (e.g. how much will a capacity update cost, including the cost of new hardware and software but also the costs related to installation and integration)

  • Service availability report based on Component Failure Impact Analysis (CFIA)

  • Capacity report with history and trend

  • SLA/OLA monitoring, including breaches report

The reports can be exported to various formats for further processing in a legacy planning system or a spreadsheet, like Excel.

Lokomo Servicenter can be configured to send alarms (email, SMS, etc.) when certain combinations of conditions are met. Hence, it is possible to track critical and crucial situations from a service perspective, as opposed to the traditional way of monitoring unit by unit in the production environment.

Service Managers can also specify policies on how to resolve issues in critical situations. For example, the loss of an essential service component could trigger the automated deployment of a replacement until the root cause of the problem has been identified and dealt with.


Lokomo Servicenter controls and monitors the execution of automated tasks during deployment, operation, optimization and withdrawal, all from a central location.

With Lokomo Servicenter it is easy to deploy a complex, multi-tiered and multi-server-based service in minutes. Through simple drag-and-drop, the capacity of any service can be increased or decreased. It is so easy that it can be used for resource allocation on a daily basis as a way to increase utilization of the data center resources.

Lokomo Servicenter provides a library of standard automated tasks that covers the most common tasks required during service operation. The library contains for instance ready-made scripts to configure global and local load balancers (Cisco, F5), firewalls (ipchains, ICF, IPSec), clusters, SAN, etc. Customers can extend the library with their proprietary tasks.


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